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The Story of The Crawford Hotel

Since our founding in 2014, The Crawford Hotel has seen Denver through high and low moments, persevering through it all. Follow the timeline below to learn the story behind one of Denver’s most beloved hotels and landmarks. 

Today, The Crawford Hotel is owned by Sage Hospitality.

Around every corner of Denver Union Station, find countless stories and unique pieces of Denver’s rich past. More than a century old, the landmark station — opened in 1881 — has been completely restored to reflect the history of the railway station as well as Denver itself. From the 2,700 Columbine flowers etched into the walls to the blueprint display proudly showcasing past iterations of the station, uncover a unique experience like no other at our historic hotel in Denver.

Learn all about our history for yourself on a guided tour of Denver Union Station. To see The Crawford from a new perspective, book a tour during your next stay.

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Our Namesake

A longtime Denver resident, Dana Crawford is both our namesake and the driving force behind The Crawford. As a member of the Union Station Alliance, Crawford worked tirelessly to preserve and revitalize the iconic station, eventually bringing it back to its former glory. Throughout her career, Crawford aided in the revitalization of not only Denver Union Station, but also much of downtown Denver’s historic sites.

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History of Denver Union Station



The original Denver Union Depot opened its doors for the first time in 1881. At the time, it was the largest building in the West, spanning 500 feet with a 180-foot clock tower at the center. After a fire in 1894, the city quickly rebuilt the station — this time, 40 feet taller. The early years of the station set the foundation for the importance of train travel to the West.


The turn of the century brought an increased need for train travel, and the number of trains and passengers traveling through Denver skyrocketed. The station was demolished to make way for a Beaux Arts and Renaissance Revival-style building, made of carved granite and terracotta. The newly-dubbed Denver Union Station reopened its doors in 1914.

In 1952, the iconic neon sights that read “Union Station — Travel by Train” were added to the facade. As the years went by and the popularity of train travel declined, Union Station began to fade into disuse.


In 2001, the wheels were set in motion for the future when the station was purchased by an RTD-organized group. An organization called the Union Station Alliance — fondly referred to as the “revitalization posse” — worked tirelessly to bring their vision for the Denver landmark to life. The years of hard work paid off when the station officially reopened its doors in 2014, exactly 100 years after the opening of the 1914 structure.


Denver Union Station is the cultural hub of the city. The addition of world-class dining, shopping, and the award-winning Crawford Hotel has revitalized and transformed Denver Union Station far beyond its humble beginnings.

Art Collection

Throughout the station and in our guest rooms, discover a “Colorado-curated” collection of art and artifacts. From large-scale design, such as the Beaux Arts facade, to thoughtful touches on the “Lost and Found” wall, including wallet photos, pocket change, and trading cards, you’ll be inspired by the classically-Colorado decor.